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MACNA 2010 - Orlando, Florida



Here are some additional pictures and a short video I threw together to give a quick overall impression of what we saw and experienced at MACNA. Here is the main entrance to the exhibit hall:

To give you an idea of the tropical surroundings, here's a pic of my wife in one of the many seating areas throughout the hotel complex. She and I were lucky enough to get a room on the ground floor, right in front of the pool. No complaints here.

There was quite a bit of room for all the exhibits. There was never a feeling of being squeezed in.

I mentioned my recent move from Tropic Marin Pro to Instant Ocean salt at the IO booth. He was pleased of course, but when I asked him about the brown stains on my saltwater storage tank, he seemed a little surprised. As if he had never heard of the problem before. Hmmm...

IceCap had a large booth, but they filled it with two full sixed couches. They had almost nothing on display.

Roger, at the Tunze booth, was as informative and helpful as always. We discussed the new titanium shafts and vibration dampers that Tunze has brought out for some of their stream models (6205s in my case). was showing equipment from Avast Marine Works. Justin Casp, from Avast, was there from time to time (that's not him in the pic). He mentioned he'll be coming out with a new Ozone Reactor in next couple of months.

The DelTec booth was constantly busy. They had just about all of their products on display. I picked up one of their new refractometers that are calibrated especially for seawater.

EcoTech had their new jumbo stream on display, the MP60. Looks like a real nice piece of equipment for us large tank enthusiasts.

Curt at Neptune Systems was showing his newest modules and firmware. The new beta firmware for the Apex should be released in a couple of weeks. Looks very interesting from what I saw.

Here's a short video of of the exhibit area:



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