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I've always been the kind of guy that tries to "do it himself". I get an enormous feeling of satisfaction when I have managed to successfully build a piece of equipment for my glass reef - and it's not just about saving money. DIYing a project allows you to create something that has been designed and built to cater exactly to your needs. This, for me, is a large part of the interest and fascination I find in the hobby.

Below are a sampling of some the projects, large and small, that have gone toward providing me with the reef system I have always dreamed of. Thank you.

DIY Projects

ATO For RO/DI Storage - A DIY automatic top-off device for RO/DI water storage

Bio-Pellet Reactor - A DIY jumbo sized fluidized media reactor for bio-pellets

Breakout Box - A DIY breakout box for use with a Neptune Apex controller

Cooling Fans - Integrated cooling fans for the light rack

Frag/Fuge Tank Stand - A stand for the frag and refugium tanks

Frag/Fuge Tanks - Acrylic frag and refugium tanks

How To Move A Tank - An illustrated guide on moving an 835lb aquarium

Keyhole Flanges - The secret to making perfect keyhole flanges

Light Rack - An aluminum tube based rack for 4 metal-halide and 8 T5 lamps

Live Rock Cleaner- A gadget to blow off and clean the aquascape

Probe Holder - A DIY acrylic multiple probe holder

Needle Wheel Change - Changing the needle wheel on a Reeflo Dart Gold pump

RO/DI System - A automated reverse osmosis and deionization system

Supplement Station - Implementing a supplement station

Tank Stand - A steel stand for the display tank

Water Storage Station - Fresh and saltwater storage


LED Reef Lighting- A six episode presentation on building a DIY LED light fixture

LED Reef Lighting (PDF) - Josh Schumacher's LED presentation in PDF form


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