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Project: A Secure Holder For Testing Probes


I've always had a problem finding just the right place for my testing probes. One day I'd had enough with probes that constantly slipped down and submerged themselves completely, or even worse,  managed to tip over and fall on the floor. I decided to solve the problem, once and for all. A real probe holder was what I needed. I had a bunch of scrap acrylic laying around - 3/8", cast, and black - just right.  I decided that the best place to mount the holder would be at the left end of the display tank's overflow box. The inside dimensions of the overflow determined the final size of the holder. This is what I came up with:

It's basically just four pieces of acrylic, glued together with Weld-On 4 solvent. I drilled 9/16" holes where needed and tapped 1/4-20 threads for the nylon thumb screws - which, of course, are there to hold the probes steady.

Here, you can see the holder in its permanent place. Works like a charm!



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