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Project: Wood Stand For Frag and Refugium Tanks

I had always planned to include a 50gal frag tank and 75gal refugium in my system. They were to be located at the left end of the back wall in the fish room. I wanted the tanks to be mounted one above the other, so I would need to build a stand for them. In the interest of minimum cost and ease of construction, I decided to use wood.

The legs are laminated from two milled (squared up) 2" X 4"s. After the glue is dry, the finished leg blanks will be run through a jointer and planer to square them up and bring them to the correct dimensions.

The platforms, or shelves, that the tanks sit on are made of milled 2" X 6"s, covered with 3/4" marine plywood. Once the wooden structure was completed I covered the outer surfaces with white Formica.

The 3 holes in each platform are for the two 1-1/2" overflows and a single 1" return. I've left the underside of the platforms unpainted - I may change that.

Here is the finished stand in it's position on the back left corner of the fish room.

If you look closely at the bottom shelf where it meets the back wall, you can just make out a 2"x4" (painted white) between the shelf and the wall. The 2"x4" is bolted to the wall and the shelf, in turn, bolted to the 2"x4". The same was done for the top shelf. These braces ensure that nothing will ever cause the stand to flex - in effect they provide torsional stability:

The legs are attached using epoxy glue and 1/2" stainless bolts. As mentioned, above, the fuge will be 75gals and the frag tank 50gals - so the total load will be somewhere between 1300 and 1600 pounds. Hope that glue holds...

Actually, as mentioned above, the stand is rock solid. I have no qualms about it being able to carry the load.



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