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Photo Galleries

Beautiful reef aquariums and their inhabitants are perfect subjects for the camera. Thankfully, many reef keepers are accomplished and talented photographers. Here are some examples of the stunning images captured by fellow reef owners.

Gallery 1 - Photographs by Lee Davis

Gallery 2 - Photographs by Mark Poletti

Gallery 3 - Photographs by Bruce Wilfong

Gallery 4 - Photographs by Tara Izzo

Please note: this page is currently under construction and as time goes by, we will be adding more beautiful images to the page. For now, just a note of thanks to the reef enthusiasts that participate and share their talent and hard work!



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John K says...
Beautiful pictures. Very tastefully done. I especially like gallery number 1, although the others are also very nice.

Never saw a reef site that had a collection like this. Keep up the good work. What gallery software did you use?

GlassReef: Thank you for the compliments, John - also in the name of Lee and the other contributors. I put the galleries together using Adobe Lightroom 3.0 - it provides a lot of functionality and blends seamlessly with Photoshop, etc.
4th October 2010 3:12pm

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