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Photo Galleries

Beautiful reef aquariums and their inhabitants are perfect subjects for the camera. Thankfully, many reef keepers are accomplished and talented photographers. Here are some examples of the stunning images captured by fellow reef owners.

Gallery 1 - Photographs by Lee Davis

Gallery 2 - Photographs by Mark Poletti

Gallery 3 - Photographs by Bruce Wilfong

Gallery 4 - Photographs by Tara Izzo

Please note: this page is currently under construction and as time goes by, we will be adding more beautiful images to the page. For now, just a note of thanks to the reef enthusiasts that participate and share their talent and hard work!



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Mauricio Moreira says...
Im from Argentine, i don't speak english very well, but i can say that your aquarium it's wonderfull. I have a reef aquarium and my dream its to get an aquarium like yours. Congratulations again and excuse me my write mistakes.
7th June 2016 1:47am
Sue says...
Nice shots on gallery 1 but can you tell me why there are 2 and possibly three pictures of my fish and seahorses in your gallery?
GlassReef: I can't know for sure, but I would guess that the photographer, featured in that gallery, captured some images of inhabitants in your tank(s).
5th August 2012 6:55am
Elder says...
Wonderful system, congratulations!

I noticed that you built by yourself most of the stuff of your system. How long did it take to be fully running since the first nail you took to start it?

Can you tell us how much did you spend on it?

Thanks, and congratulations once again!


GlassReef: Thank you for your kind comments. The whole thing took about eight months of fairly steady work. As far as the cost, I hope you understand when I say I try not to discuss that part of the project. Wink
13th June 2011 1:43am
Adrian says...
Great fish room. I have envisioned my future tank room to look very similar to yours, albeit I don't know how to go about the modeling part, walls, floors, humidity etc... but I will one day... for now I have my 125 gallon.

The controller-to-web is an awesome gadget as well. I'm going to save the articles you put up for a future reference.

GlassReef: Thank you Adrian. Your comments are appreciated. The building of a fishroom from the room construction point of view is not really very complex, once you get into it. Very simple really. There are just a few rules that need to be followed and they will become obvious once you get into the project.
25th December 2010 2:31am
Tizzo says...
I agree John K, I really like gallery #1... but then again, gallery #2 is very nice also, hmmm...
Oh but wait, have you SEEN gallery #3?!?!
This is way to tough, so I will settle the tie by liking gallery #4 the most. :)
Nope, no bias here...
GlassReef: Tara, you are absolutely right! All four galleries are pretty darn good. Smile BTW - if I haven't thanked you yet for allowing me to display some of your images, let me do that now. THANK YOU!
11th October 2010 2:17pm

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