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Major Reef Related Sites

Reef Central - the largest reef related site on the internet

Reefs.Org - one of the larger reef related sites

Reefland - a medium sized forum based site

3 Reef - one of the smaller forum based sites

Reef Frontiers - a medium sized reef site

Reefs UK - a United Kingdom based reef site

Ultimate Reef - the largest United Kingdom based reef site

OZ Reef - the premiere Australian reef site

Reef2Reef - a great site - lots of expert help

Nano-Reef - the big site about little reefs

Reef Sanctuary - a medium sized reefing site

Reef Builders - another medium sized reefing site

Korallen Riff - for those who read German

Sea Horse Organization - and for those who like Sea Horses

Korallen Zucht - and for you Zeo-Vit fans

Various Sites

Tampa Bay Reef Club - my home club and IMHO, number one

BRS Supplements Calculator - a supplements calculator

J. Dieck's Calculator - another supplements calculator

Fish Base - an extensive database all about fish

MASNA - Marine Aquarium Societies of North America

MACNA 2011 - Marine Aquarium Conference 2011 in Des Moines

Internet Magazines

Reef Keeping Magazine - affiliated with Reef Central

Advanced Aquarist - affiliated with Reefs.Org

Fish Channel - a site probably more for beginners

Tropical Fish Hobbyist - the one and only

Recommended Reading

Aquarium Corals - Eric Borneman, author

Corals: A quick reference guide - Julian Sprung, author

Reef Aquarium Vol. 1 - J. Sprung, C. Delbeek, authors

Reef Aquarium Vol. 2 - J. Sprung, C. Delbeek, authors

Reef Aquarium Vol. 3 - J. Sprung, C. Delbeek, authors

Conscientious Marine Aquarist - Robert M. Fenner, author

Reef Invertebrates - R. Fenner, A. Calfo, authors

Reef Secrets - A. J. Nilson, S. A. Fossa, authors

Please note: the Glass Reef makes no guarantee of any kind about any vendor listed here. The list is for reference only.

General Saltwater Aquarium Supplies

Bulk Reef Supply - excellent customer service

Reef Specialty - excellent customer service

Aqua Cave - good customer service

Aquarium Specialty - good to very good customer service

Premium Aquatics - a very popular vendor, good service

Salty Critter - good choice of products service

Marine Depot - one of the largest

Foster and Smith Aquatics - another one of the largest

Specialized Equipment Vendors

Neptune Systems - excellent aquarium controllers

Spectrapure - RO units and LiterMeter III

Air Water Ice - RO units and accessories

Buckeye Hydro - specialize in RO units and accessories

Digital Aquatics - makers of the Reefkeeper controllers

EcoTech Marine - makers of VorTech propeller pumps

Fish and Other Ichthy Stuff - makers of I-Tech skimmers

Tunze USA - makers stream pumps, wave boxes, etc.

4 Coral - a great little site, the place for gate valves, fish traps, and more

Livestock Vendors

Live Aquaria - probably the largest - good customer service

Cherry Corals - they specialize in corals

DIY Materials

Savko - the best for hard to find plumbing supplies

McMaster-Carr - they have just about anything

US Plastics - everything made of plastics

Aquatic-Eco Systems - assortment of aquaculture materials

Ridout Plastics - tools for working with plastic

Modern Plastics - Acrylic tubing, sheets, etc.

Tapp Plastics - Acrylic tubing, sheets, etc.

Flex-PVC - Flexible PVC pipe, fittings, metric to imperial adapters, etc.

O-rings Online - Everything having to do with o-rings

Uniseal Warehouse - Uniseals as very good prices

Delvie's Plastics, Inc. - Acrylic tubing, sheets, tools, etc.

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