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Equipment Profiles

Apex Aquarium Controller - Neptune System's new aquarium controller model

Ballasts - Dimmable 400W electronic ballasts by CoralVue

Chiller - Teco model TR20 1/3HP chiller

Dart Pump - Reeflo's Gold Dart pump

Eheim 1262 - Eheim model 1262 submersible circulation pump

Kalkreaktor - A DIY kalkreaktor

Light Reflectors - 20" CoralVue Lumen Bright reflectors

LiterMeter III - Spectrapure's automated peristaltic pump

Mettler P163 - A very accurate set of scales

Moon Lights - Neptune System's Lunar Simulator module

Orca 250 Skimmer - the Reeflo Orca 250 Pro Skimmer

Ozone Generator - the OzoTech Poseidon ozone generator

PAR Meter - The Apogee QMSS-E Quantum PAR meter

Peristaltic Pump Unit - A Masterflex based surgical irrigation pump

Photometer - Hanna's low range phosphate meter

Tunze Streams - Model 6205 Turbelle Stream controllable pumps

Equipment Reviews

Skimmer Neck Cleaner - The Swabbie automatic skimmer neck cleaner from Avast Marine Works

Saltwater Refractometer - The D-D H2Ocean Salinity Refractometer from The Aquarium Solution


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