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         OzoTech Poseidon 200Mg/Hr Ozone Generator

I have always been in favor of the use of ozone for reef aquariums. I find it (along with UV light) supports the maintenance of a high ORP level in the 380mv to 420mv range. Experience has shown me that there are lots of mediocre ozone generators and a few good ones. In my opinion, OzoTech is one of the good ones.

The Ozotech Poseidon, as an ozone generator, lends itself perfectly to use in saltwater aquarium systems.

Some specifications:

  • output is 200 mg/hr (variable) output
  • uses OzoTech's patented "cold spark" corona discharge
  • medium frequency, solid state electronics
  • corrosion resistant, wall mountable, stainless steel enclosure

One positive aspect of ozone generators, unlike UV generators, the output doesn't degrade over time - although it should be noted that, to ensure this, generators should normally be used in conjunction with an air dryer. The efficiency, and therefore output, rises the drier the air injected into the unit is. That said, OzoTech advises that the Poseidon can be used without the dryer but it will be necessary to clean the unit every 6-8 months. I decided to use the Ozotech Air Dryer HD5 (30061).

I would recommend that if you intend to use an ozone generator 24/7, you use an ORP monitor/controller. In this way, you can ensure that your ORP doesn't reach unwanted levels > 430-450mv.

I like the use of the RO canister as air dryer - a very simple and practical solution.

Silica gel can be dried (regenerated) using heat, and then reused. This can be done in an oven or a microwave. Drying in an oven gives the best results, even though it takes longer than in a microwave. Set the oven for 240°F. Place the silica gel on in appropriate container and dry the gel for 1-1/2 hours, or until it turns dark blue. To use a microwave, place the gel in a microwave compatible  container (no metal!) and set the microwave to the medium to medium-high power setting and the timer to 3 to 5 minutes. Check for a proper color change. If the gel has not dried (color change is not complete), repeat the procedure.

In my setup, the generator and dryer are mounted on the wall above the skimmers - although I haven't yet decided whether to inject into the skimmers directly, or continue using a dedicated ozone reactor.


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