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          Mettler P163 - A Super Accurate Scales

Like a few other things I've managed to purchase cheaply, for the fish room, I got this set of scales off eBay. This thing is old, and analog, but it weighs stuff to an accuracy of 1/1000 gram!!! - and works perfectly. I've used it for a number of different jobs:

  • weighing out sodium chloride in order to make my own refractometer calibration standard per Holmes-Farley - exactly 3.65 gram of sodium chloride (table salt) combined with exactly 96.35 ml distilled (read RO/DI) water.

  • measuring out the chemicals for the supplement station.

  • making up DIY trace element solutions.

The accuracy obtained does have one downside; the maximum weight it can handle is only 160 grams.


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