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DIY Kalkreaktor

         A Masterflex Based Peristaltic Pump

Cole-Parmer, under the brand name Masterflex, manufactures some of the best industrial grade peristaltic pumps available.  I purchased this unit off eBay for $80. It was manufactured, for the German market, as a surgical irrigation pump and was brand new when I got it - the original price was probably in the low thousands!

The unit has a speed range of 0 to 600 RPM, and it's speed poti provides 1000 adjustment increments! It accepts the full line of MasterFlex Easy Load II pump heads, which allow the use of a number of different tubing sizes. Combined with the speed flexibility, this gives a huge range in flow capacity - .006ml/min to 3400ml/min, to be exact!

The pump allows the mounting of up to four of the Easy Load drive heads! This makes it very flexible in its use.

If you buy the pump mounting hardware (stainless steel threaded rod and thumbscrews) from the manufacturer, as with spare parts for everything from electronics to automobiles, the price will shock you. Instead go to, you'll get everything you need for a couple of dollars. You need about 12" 0f 8-32 threaded rod and two 8-32 thumbscrews.

Here you see the unit with two heads mounted:

You can purchase the tubing required for Masterflex peristaltic pumps directly from Cole-Parmer - or you can go to a company like McMaster-Carr and order Norprene tubing at 1/10th the cost. Be sure to get tubing that:

  1. has a Durometer rating  (softness) of 60 or higher
  2. has a wall thickness of no more than 1/16"
  3. is beige (tan) in color

     Here's a link: Norprene Tubing

I also purchased three extra heads for the pump. Nothing like being set for any contingency.

All in all, the pump has provided excellent service, except for the fact that it can be a little noisy when speeds above 140-160RPM are required.

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