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         Neptune Systems Lunar Simulator Module

As I was completing the light rack for the glass reef, I realized that I had not planned for any kind of "moon lights". Although I think many reef keepers have blue LEDs installed in their canopies because they like the look of the dim blue light after the main lighting has been turned off, I have always felt that there is no need to keep a reef tank in complete darkness. I suppose one could argue that, in nature, moonless nights leave, even shallow reefs, in darkness. Still, I think most of the creatures we keep in our tanks are "thankful" for a little light to see by.

Since I already had (at that time) the Aqua Controller III Pro from Neptune Systems, I decided on the Lunar Simulator Module, also from Neptune:


  • High intensity LEDs with a wide angle lens (100+ degrees) to provide the best possible coverage.
  • High reliability direct wired control connection to the Aqua Controller/Apex.
  • User configurable maximum LED intensity.
  • User configurable control address.
  • The Aqua Controller (and Apex) dims the LEDs in phase with the true lunar cycle.
  • Can be purchased with 2 to 5 LEDs.
  • 2 mounting holes on Lunar Simulator and LED modules for easy installation.

Because my tank is 8 feet long, I chose the model with five LEDs. I definitely like the way the tank looks when the LEDs are on.

Here's a pic of the lights after installation in the light rack.

Just a note: I quickly found out that, although being able to control the moon light in phase with the lunar cycle sounds like a good idea, in reality it doesn't make much sense (at least not to me). Half the time, the LEDs are on during the daylight hours - yes, just like the moon is often in the sky during the day. The other half of the time, they're off at night. I suppose this functionality could be of use if you were trying to get your corals to spawn by imitating the lunar cycle, but for me - just not my thing.


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