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DIY Kalkreaktor



            A DIY Kalkreaktor

It has been known since the 1970's (the first experiments were started by Peter Wilkens in Germany) that the addition of a saturated solution of calcium hydroxide (more commonly known as pickling lime) and water - Kalkwasser -  is beneficial to reef aquaria. It adds calcium and tends to buffer the the pH of the tank water toward  the 8.2-8.3 region.

I made this kalkreaktor a while ago. It's built of 3/8" cast acrylic sheet and 1/4" cast acrylic tube. The top attaches with a keyhole flange, which is held in place with 1/4"-20 nylon thumb screws. The orange part you can see between the top and the upper seal is a 1/4" silicone o-ring. I've found that 1/4" is the perfect size for o-rings in this kind of application. Seals every time!

Here's a side view.

The calcium hydroxide is filled into the reactor after removing the keyhole flange. It's mixed using the Eheim 1050 pump shown in the pic.

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