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Dart Gold Pump



           Reeflo Dart Circulation Pump - Gold Model

The Reeflo (Sequence) Dart pump is available in two versions: normal and Gold. The Gold version features an excellent Baldor motor with finned aluminum motor casing. The casing promotes cooler operating temperatures than the one on the normal pump.


  • quiet operation
  • minimal heat transfer
  • low Wattage
  • fan-cooled motor
  • volute made of glass reinforced polypro housing
  • silicon carbide Seals


  • maximum flow rate: 3800gph
  • maximum shut-off head: 13ft
  • maximum power draw: 147 watts
  • average power draw: 132 watts
  • inlet diameter: 2"
  • outlet diameter: 1.5"
  • manufacturer's warranty: 5 years

I utilize four of these pumps in my system. One for the display tank return, one for the frag/fuge return, and one each, as the air source for my two skimmers. The pumps on the skimmers, of course, run needlewheels, not impellers. I must say, they provide excellent service. In the year and a half that I have had them running, I have experienced zero problems! Their operation is very quiet. Amid the other noises in the fish room, you can't hear the Darts.

Just a note. Reeflo also sells another Gold model pump - the Snapper. The Snapper has a maximum flow of 2600gph as opposed to the Dart's 3800gph. Interestingly enough, the only difference between the Dart and the Snapper is the impeller. For that reason, I keep a couple Snapper impellers on hand, just in case my flow requirements should change. It should be said that, not being pressure rated pumps, the Dart's output flow can be altered, over a wide range, using valves, etc.

Flowrate chart:

As I use ozone in my system, I took the precaution of changing the seals in my Darts to ozone resistant Viton seals. These are available from the manufacturer. It probably wasn't necessary, but I didn't want to take a chance. I did a instruction page on how to change the impeller/needlewheel on a Dart - it includes changing out the seals. It can be found here.

As a final note, these are great pumps! I can't think of anything negative to say about them.


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