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          Teco SeaChill 1/3HP Chiller - Model TR20

The use of powerful (4 X 400W in my case) metal halide lights over a reef aquarium means lots of heat. The problem becomes keeping the temperature of the system's water within the acceptable range of around 76-82 degrees. In a setup as large as mine, about the only means of accomplishing that is to use a chiller. There are a number of good chiller models on the market - I decided to opt for a unit that I had already used in Europe. It's made by Teco and is well known and very popular, especially inGermany.

Some specifications:

  • unit is rated to pull down a 450gal tank's temperature by 9° F. at an ambient room temperature of 86ºF and heat load of 1.25 W/gallon. 

  • power Consumption 480 Watts

  • Amps 3.9

  • BTU/h 2620

  • DbA 41

  • silent Mode DbA 39

  • recommended flow rate 3-13 GPM, 180-780 GPH

  • recommended Tank Size 130-500 gallons


Here is the chiller installed under the display tank, next to the sump:


And here is the connection manifold where the water to to be cooled is taken from the sump > frag/fuge feed, fed to the chiller and then returned to the sump:



This chiller is well made, very reliable, and comparatively quiet. If noise does become a problem, it has a quiet mode, but this is accomplished by reducing it's efficiency.


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