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          Dimmable 400W Electronic Ballasts From CoralVue



The job of these electronic ballasts is to fire the single ended (SE) or double ended (DE) metal halide lamps and stabilize their operating current. I like the fact that these ballast have a self-protected circuit, which is controlled automatically. Whenever power is removed or lost from the ballast, it take approximately 7 minutes for the ballast to fire the lamp again. These ballasts are dimmable from approx. 75% to 100% of the rated value. They will drive any 400w SE or DE (HQI) metal halide bulb.


  • Dimensions: 10” x 4.13 ” x 3”
  • Weight: 6.75lbs
  • Operating current: 3.6A 120VAC only
  • UL approved
  • 3 year warranty

I haven't had any trouble with these ballasts. They produce a very nice color with both Radium 20K and ReefLux 14K bulbs. Dimming down the ballasts makes the light bluer. PAR, however, is reduced as the bulbs are dimmed.

I have mounted the ballasts on the wall above the tank. This allows most of the heat the produce - and all ballasts produce heat - to rise to the ceiling and be withdrawn by the fish room's exhaust fan. The ballasts are connected to the light rack via a multi-cable "umbilical" cord.



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