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        Apogee Model QMSS-E Quantum PAR Meter

A PAR meter to measure the amount of useful light over a reef tank is not mandatory for the proper maintenance of a reef aquarium, but does give insight as to the amount of light your corals and other light dependent inhabitants are receiving. Some corals do better at lower light levels than others - being able to actually measure the incident light, at a particular spot in the tank, can often help with the proper placement of the corals.

In addition, when metal halide bulbs start to reach the end of their useful lifetime, their PAR value tends to drop. A PAR meter can recognize that drop and give an indication that it's time to start thinking about switching out the old lamps for new.

Quantum Meters measure (PPF) Photosynthetic Photon Flux as opposed to PAR (Photosynthetically Active Radiation) but, for our purposes the two are interchangeable.

This model doesn't come with a detachable probe cable. I contacted Apogee to see if they would alter the meter for me as I knew they had done that, in the past, but they advised "we no longer provide that service". Hmmm...

It's easy to make a probe holder for the Apogee. All you need is a couple pieces of 1/2" inch PVC pipe, a three cable ties, and a few minutes work,it's all done.

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