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         Neptune Systems Apex Controller

The Apex Aquarium Controller from Neptune Systems provides a myriad of functionalities that can, in many ways, make reefkeeping easier. With state of the art connectivity, the Apex comes standard with a built-in web server. This provides easy access to the controller from anywhere on the web. Many have taken advantage of this functionality to access up-to-the-minute aquarium parameters via iPhones and other web compatible cell phones.  

  • controls up to 240 modules, hundreds of probes and thousands of outlets
  • monitor and control temperature, pH, ORP with digital calibration on all probes
  • compact size 3.40″ x 4.05″ x 0.65″
  • mounting holes for easy attachment to wall/stand
  • 7 mechanical buttons for speedy access user interface
  • 128 x 64 pixel backlight display - high contrast
  • displays datalog graphs
  • 4 Highly customizable status displays
  • placement of probe names and icons can be selected by user
  • scroll manually scroll between different status screens
  • user adjustable contrast and backlight settings
  • backlight can be dimmed at night
  • audible alarms with selectable tones/songs for different warning and error types
  • multiple displays can used on one systems
  • remote displays have the same functionality as the primary display
  • items included with package:
    • 1 x Apex base unit
    • 1 x temperature probe
    • 1 x Apex display module w/ 10' AquaBus cable
    • 1 x EnergyBar 8
    • 1 x 6' AquaBus cable


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