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Six-Line Wrasse

           A System Overview

My setup consists of a display tank, which is installed in a wall facing into the living room, and a "fish room" (located behind the display tank) which houses all the support equipment, lighting, additional tanks (sump, frag tank, and refugium, etc.

System components/procedures are:

  • the display tank - in wall

    ◦ material: 3/4" glass throughout - front pane is Starphire, low iron glass
    ◦ size: 96" L x 36" W x 25" H, approx. 375 gallons
    ◦ overflow box: external coast to coast - smooth cutout, no teeth
    overflow plumbing: three 1-1/2" drain bulkheads - BeanAnimal/Herbie design
    ◦ return: two 1-1/2" bulkheads
    ◦ bracing: 5" Euro bracing around the entire tank - no center braces
    ◦ misc.: 3/16" thick black acrylic sheet covers the inside of the back pane - hides overflow box

  • In the pic, you can get a good idea of the bracing and overflow box:

  • a sump, located below the display tank

    ◦ size: 48" L x 24" W X 18" H - approximately 75 gallons
    ◦ return to display tank: Reeflo Dart Gold pump - via 2" bulkhead
    ◦ return to refugium and frag tank: Reeflo Dart Gold pump - via 2" bulkhead


    This pic shows the sump before it was completely hooked up. You can see the two filter socks in the overflow area:

  • a separate refugium and frag tank

    ◦ material: 3/8" cast acrylic
    ◦ overflows: internal with two 1-1/2" drains to sump
    ◦ returns: 1" external from sump
    ◦ dimensions refugium: 48" L x 24" W X 18" H - approx. 75 gallons
    ◦ dimensions frag tank: 48" L x 24" W X 12" H - approx. 50 gallons
  • Both the refugium and frag tank will be located along the wall opposite the display tank:

  • water for the system is processed through a 5 stage RO/DI unit with booster pump and water storage consists of two 65gal ACE Roto-Mold tanks - one for RO/DI top off and one for saltwater mixing.

  • lighting for the display tank consists of

    ◦ metal halide: 4 X 400W Reeflux 12K bulbs
    ◦ reflectors: 4 X Lumen Bright maxi
    ◦ secondary lights: 8 X 39W T5 - 6 X ATI Blue + and 2 X Fiji Purple
    ◦ moonlights: Neptune Systems' Lunar Simulator Module with 5 LEDs

  • chemical supplements: via the Balling Method for calcium/alkalinity/magnesium maintenance - I have found this method allows for very precise control of the most important water parameters.

  • Skimming is handled by two Reeflo 250 Pro skimmers, each with a custom needle wheel and collection cup.

  • an AquaController III Pro (recently upgraded to the new Apex model) from Neptune is in charge of controlling the systems hardware

  • water is cooled via a Teco 1/3HP chiller

  • fishroom: 18ft X 7-1/2ft (way too narrow - a case of bad planning on my part), floor drain, running water with utility sink, in the ceiling FanTec exhaust fan connected to a humidistat for humidity control

  • internal flow: 4X Tunze 6205 streams attached to a Neptune Apex controller. I chose to go with streams, instead of a closed loop because I wanted to avoid the "plumbing chaos" that can result when a loop is employed.

  • water changes are handled automatically by a LiterMeter III main unit and one remote pump - 6 gallons of old water is exchanged for new, every day.



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