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        The Basics of Design, Maintenance, and Husbandry

Reef System Design

The Original Design - A little about the original design concept

Pictorial System Overview - An overview of the display system and its components

The Fish Room - See what's behind the Glass Reef

A Silent Overflow - My implementation of the BeanAnimal/Herbie overflow

The Sump - A detailed look at the system's sump

Lights and Lighting

Lights In A Reef Aquarium - The role of artificial lighting in a reef aquarium

Metal Halide - The big guys were the start of all success

T5 Flourescent Bulbs - Skinny but oh, oh

Light Emitting Diodes - The new kids on the block

Water Quality

The Balling Method - Chemical supplementation using the Balling Lite Method

Water Changes - Implementing an automated water changing system

UV And Reef Aquariums - On the use of ultraviolet light in reef aquariums

Water Testing

Testing Methods - A description of the most common testing methods used

Food and Feeding

Choosing A Basic Reef Diet - Thoughts on food choices reef tank inhabitants


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