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About "The Glass Reef"

I started putting together the plans for my reef aquarium early in 2008. We made sure the house we had built, in 2007, included a 7’-6” X 18’ room to house all the necessary support equipment behind the “in wall” 375 gallon aquarium I had envisioned. This was going to be a massive project - but one I had been looking forward to for years.

Early in 2006, I joined the reefing community at Reef Central - I’m sure the largest, and in my opinion, the best site on the internet dedicated to the care and maintenance of reef aquaria. 

Once my project actually got underway, I started a “build thread” on the Large Reef Tank forum on Reef Central. The thread was to be a chronicle of the process of designing and building a comparatively large (for a private home) saltwater aquarium system. For the thread, I tried to document the work done with step by step details and lots and lots of images. The result seemed to be well accepted on the forum.

A friend suggested that it would be a good idea to take the documentation I had completed for the thread and use it to fill a dedicated web site. This web site then, is intended to provide a source of information for those interested in the fascinating hobby of reef aquarium keeping. As the site grows, I hope to add a number of DIY projects that were not included in the original Reef Central thread and go into a little more detail about others. in addition, I will try to document my experiences - both the good and bad - with the 500+ gallon glass reef system I have put together over the past year and a half. My hope is that this information may prove useful to others - and possibly even provide incentive for one or two of you to become active in the hobby.

If you should have suggestions or critique, please feel free to contact me at:   You can also use the contact link at the bottom left of most pages on the site.

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